Google Boss Warns Of Threats To Free Internet | Sundar Pichai Warns

Google boss warns of threats to free internet in countries around the world. He said that many countries are banning the development of information, and this model is often misjudged. He believes that artificial intelligence is deeper than fire, electricity, or the Internet.

Google has probably shaped the freest and open internet :

It has also become its own verb: Google.
Google has become a free and open internet in the world for the past 23 years.
Two different improvements will further change our world:

According to Sundar Pichai’s boss, artificial knowledge and quality processing.

He said:

“I believe this is the most profound technology that humans will develop and work with.”
he said.

Hence “Given the fire, electricity, and the internet, that’s all.

But I think it’s deeper.”
Free internet is the most effective:
Pichai became the most effective, popular, and respected product manager in Google’s history and thus rose through the ranks of Google.
Neither the Chrome browser nor the Android operating system was his idea.
However, Pichai is the manager of the products that led to their global dominance.

But, under the supervision of the founders of Google.

Google Boss Warns Of Threats To Free Internet

The next revolutions :

As the manager of Google and its parent company.

Said you are the ultimate boss of organizations or elements different from Waze, FitBit, and DeepMind, which are all start of artificial consciousness.
On Google only, monitor Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Docs, Google Photos, Android Work Framework, and many different projects.

google boss warns of threats to free

Find out more :
According to Pichai, in the next 25 years.

Two different developments will further change our reality:

Computerized reasoning
 Quantity processing.
Pichai focused on the importance of artificial intelligence in Google Headquarters.
The center of artificial awareness is the effort to replicate human knowledge in machines.
Quantity calculators are completely different processes.

General calculations are based on the state of binary matter, such as 0 or 1.

There is nothing in them for now. These positions are called bits.
However, matter behaves differently at both or at the atomic level. The matter is 0 or 1 at the same time or is a spectrum between two people. Quantum computers are built on quantum bits, taking into account the probability that matter is in one of several states. It’s like fainting, but it can change the world. Wired has an excellent narrator.

The other big issues :

  • The major issues that Google faces in its continuous research and development include
     Information
     Security
    whether the organization has a workable and powerful business model in the search field.

google boss warns of threats to free

  • Search engines win in this regard.
    In other respects, Pichai argued that Google is a free project. Hence Customers can of course go elsewhere.
  • Technical communicators agree on several points:
     First, Google is a careful organization
  •  Second, Google’s desire to solve humanity’s greatest problem is weakening.
  • Finally, it deserves a lot of sympathy, because, in the age of culture wars.

Therefore it is basically impossible to manage a big, stubborn, demanding employee like Google.

Outlook :

All of the above that they deal with people in the scientific and technological world. Hence Who wants the Internet to be faster.

Many voters in separate republics want to see large technology companies fall.
The clearest lesson is that this cannot happen.

Increasing the speed is the rule: The increase in speed of history itself is increasing.

In addition, when I got some information.

About whether the Chinese network model is more liberal.

After a lot of observation, it is on the rise.

Pichai said that the free and open network is “under attack.” Importantly, he did not mention China directly. But went on to say, “Our main products and services are not provided in China.”google boss warns of threats to free

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