Technology Revolution In The World – Impacts Of Technology

The technology revolution in the world is a period where one technology is replacing another with the passage of time, novel technology is a short amount of time. It is the era of accelerated technological progress. All around the world more modern technology is overcoming the old one. More modern technologies are inventing it is not only making the life of all mankind easy but also making the world a better place. Every major revolution has had a profound impact on all humankind’s lifestyles. It has broken the past and makes life easy with the passage of time such that way of communication, transportation, education, lifestyle, and many more

There are three major types of technological revolution

  • Industrial revolution
  • Advancements
  • Digital technologies

technology revolution in the world

These three revolutions cover all the aspects of life

  1. Industrial revolution

The industrial revolution takes place in England in 18-century. The industrial revolution is the transition to a new manufacturing process. the industrial revolution transformed agriculture and handicrafts economics to the economy based on larger-scale industries and factory systems.

Technology Revolution In The World

New technologies, new ways to do work, and factory systems had made industries more efficient and productive.

The industrial revaluation includes modernization of all the things of our daily use such that transports, sports, computers, households appliances moreover coal, petrol, natural gas, diesel, asphalt, tar, etc. All these things are the need of life.

technology revolution in the world

In other words, the industrial revolution is the time when the manufacturing of goods moved from a small settlement to large settlements. This thing has bought a massive change in not only our culture but also in people as they had moved from rural areas to big and modern cities in search of work. All this revolution has changed their living standards. Thus industrial revolution has bought countless positive impacts on human life.


Technological advancements in the formation/creation of information or the discovery of knowledge make it easy to understand technology. Or even in more easy words technology advancement advances the understanding of technology. As we all know technology revolution in the world is advancing rapidly.

Such that automobiles, artificial intelligence, and other advancements have specifically set a stage for more technological advancements. This includes inventing robots, becoming modern, smarter even our air-conditions(A.C), refrigerators, televisions (TV), etc connected to the internet. The most important technological advancements include:

technology revolution in the world

  • The Bulb
  • The Telephones
  • The Internet
  • The camera
  • The Global Positioning System(GPS)
  • Computer Etc


It not only make things better but also make things easier for us It has enhanced the way of communication. We are able to send messages, emails, pictures, etc to anyone in the world in seconds and also create the ability for the faster response it is mainly giving advantage is business or in the emergency stage. Another main advantage is transportation. Now a day it is possible to cover many miles in mins.


It had created many behavior problems, lack of physical activities, less time to play and loss of skills, obesity, shortage of sleep people refer to use computers, mobiles till late night, social plus domestic violence, lack of reading books everyone prefers to watch the news on tv instead of reading it from newspapers in order to save time, etc.

The Digital technology revolution is also called the 3rd industrial revolution. It had applied the changes of analog mechanical and electronic technology to digital technologies which have started in the 1980s and still working and making progress day by day. The Digital technology revolution in the world s includes the improvement of electronic tools, devices, and resources that generates and we also know examples of mobiles, online games, multimedia, social networking, etc.

Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the life of all humankind. The pace of change continues to blur the boundaries of physical appearance and digital appearance.

technology revolution in the world

Digital Technology:


Digital technologies bought plenty of advantages in every field of life. It has extremely improved the schooling system, ways to do business moreover it has created countless ways to do online work and earn handsome amounts of money, it has given many many opportunities to humankind to finish/ reduce unemployment. It plays a significant role in reducing poverty.


Although it has created life easier it also has some serious disadvantages.

One of the main disadvantages is date security. Data in our mobile includes our bank accounts details, our pictures, contacts info, and many more are now unsafe. Moreover, many crimes take birth due to digital technologies i.e blackmailing, terrorism, hacking accounts, etc. In other words, it has had badly disturb the privacy of man’s life.


Hence the worldwide technology revolution is leading to social, money-base, political, and personal changes throughout mankind. The technology revolution has the possible ability to change the human quality of lifespan in both ways positive ways as well as negative ways.

People keep on inventing a number of advances and modern equipment that are way easier to handle. As we can see on our own that the lifestyle of people today is way easier than in previous years. Knowing that you can manage things with one click of a finger is a great revolution in the world

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